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      • Beers of the Month
      • 312 and Honkers Ale
      • $3.50 a pint
LaBarge Info
  • Summer V-Ball Leagues now forming!
  • April 28th start date
  • See your bartender or server for details

About Us

Family owned and operated, our waterfront restaurant has strong ties to the community and delivers friendly customer service every time.

Whether you're looking for fresh seafood, amazing appetizers, or a place to grab a drink on the lake, Red Pines is the place for you. Our family restaurant is a favorite for locals and visitors alike, with daily specials on our menu that are sure to entice you!


Best pan-fried walleye I've ever tasted. Ate lunch at Red Pines today with my husband and family. Also tried their cream of potato and sausage soup, which was delicious. Homemade chips and fantastic fries. Will definitely go back. Especially in the summer as the view of Lake Onalaska is fantastic.